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Tibet was a place of beauty and wonder, secluded from the temptations of carnal man.

It was a place of peace, a place of enlightenment.

Rolling hills and steep mountains made up the country's iconic scenery.

In forested foothills of the mountains, a temple of humble monks dutifully worshipped and served Mother Nature. They were tasked with protecting her and her sacred shrine.

But that all changed when on October 7th 1950, the Chinese invaded, seeking the power that the Buddhist monks have used to attain enlightenment for hundreds of years.

The Chinese, a jaded, evil force, sought to use this power to dominate its enemies and ultimately take control of the whole world.

Driven by his greed and hunger for power, the Chinese leader ransacked the sacred shrine of Mother Nature. They captured the monks and took them prisoner within the Temple.

Enraged, the deity turned on all of humanity. She took the invading army for her own, and turned them into plant-like mutants. Monstrous plants writhed forth from the spirit world and took over the Temple.

One monk managed to escape. It is he, and he alone who can travel to the Spirit World and calm Mother Nature’s blind wrath.

Here, our story begins. . .

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unzip the .zip file

launch Heart of Shambala  (executable file)


Game Engine

Construct 2


Tyler “Ozzy” Osborne (Lead Programmer)

Dustin Bingham

Brandon Hadley

Audrell Coalman

Dylan Brooks

Benjamin Chouteau

Miguel Hernandez


Mikaela Farrell(Lead Artist)

Jason Johnson

Konrad Burns

Alec Skipper

Zack “Santa” Patten

Game Designers

Jason Johnson (Lead Designer)

John Wade Miller

Lyndsey Boggs

Sound /  Music Engineers

Jacob Brown

Dustin Bingham


Chelsea Evans

Many “Bellsprout” were severely maimed in the making of this game...


Heart of Shambala.zip 115 MB